Great Schools Visits

Urban schools and students are thriving in cities across the United States—What can we learn from them?

Observing successful schools in urban environments is a step toward improving educational outcomes in our own hometown. In the fall of 2015, the Kauffman Foundation sponsored five Great Schools Visits to cities across the United States for Kansas City community members from a cross section of occupations, interests, and backgrounds. The purpose of the school visits are to expose Kansas City community members to cities with concentrations of high-performing public schools serving a similar population of students as those in Kansas City’s public schools. Participants got a chance to see quality schools and teachers in action—each with their own unique approach to structure, culture, and curriculum.

The Foundation is sponsoring additional visits during the 2016-2017 academic year. If you are interested in participating or nominating someone to attend, let us know here >

Although the Foundation is convening the Great Schools Visits, community members will ultimately lead any resulting projects or initiatives to improve the educational landscape in Kansas City. It’s our hope that participants will continue to interact and explore ways to build a consensus around education long after the visits are completed.