Renovated and Expanded Entrepreneurship Law Web Channel; Call for Submissions

The Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation is pleased to announce the completion of a renovation and expansion of its Entrepreneurship Law (EshipLaw) web channel on, and calls for submission of additional materials to help continually grow the collections housed under the various sections of the site.

Initially launched in 2009, the EshipLaw site contains information and materials on entrepreneurship and law for educators, students, inventors, business owners, and lawyers or other advisors to entrepreneurs.

Core Site Content. The site continues to have two publicly accessible sections—Law Scholarship and Resource Links (the latter modified to separate Resources for Educators from resources for more general audiences)—and several other sections for educators who have registered for a free academic account. Those "academic side" sections include sections that have been on the site since inception—For-Profit Transactions, Non-Profit Transactions and Transactional Clinics (formerly called Operating Clinics); a reorganized Classroom Teaching section, now divided into Business School Curriculum and Law School Curriculum sections; and a new section on Social Enterprises. Those who do not already have an academic-side account can apply for one using the "Request Account" button in the right-hand column of the site homepage at

Other Site Features. Among the more significant modifications and additions to the site are:  the addition in the left-hand column of the site homepage of a sets of FAQs for entrepreneurs and a set of FAQs for educators with imbedded hyperlinks to parts of the site with information pertinent to the answers, along with a "site map" to further facilitate access to particular materials; and a new dialogue section for the posting of articles and essays, commentaries on such writings, and bulletins on recent publications and upcoming events regarding law and entrepreneurship, which also will be the basis for a quarterly EshipLaw Newsletter.

Expanded Editorial Board. In addition to updates and modifications made by long-standing members of the site's editorial board, a substantial amount of expanded coverage and content reflects the contributions of three new editors brought on in 2013:  Constance Bagley (Professor in the Practice of Law and Management at the Yale School of Management); Cassady Brewer (Assistant Professor of Law at the Georgia State University College of Law); and Karl Okamoto (Professor of Law and Director of the Business and Entrepreneurship Program at Drexel University's Earle Mack School of Law). Their biographies, along with those of the other site editors, are posted at

Call for Submissions. The Kauffman Foundation believes the Entrepreneurship Law website and related listserv have made substantial contributions to law and entrepreneurship education, and are important vehicles in both our work specifically in law and entrepreneurship, and more broadly as a part of our mission of promoting and facilitating entrepreneurship and education  across the United States and globally. We invite and encourage site visitors and listserv subscribers to join in this ongoing effort by submitting content for possible posting on the site through a simple submission form accessible at the bottom of the right-hand column of the site homepage at