Entrepreneurship Research and Policy Network

The Entrepreneurship Research and Policy Network is an international, online resource for scholars and policymakers.

Part of the Social Science Research Network (SSRN), the Entrepreneurship Research and Policy Network (ERPN) is an online network sponsored by the Kauffman Foundation. SSRN works to provide rapid, worldwide distribution of research to authors and their readers and to facilitate communication among them at the lowest possible cost.

ERPN provides an online community for entrepreneurship researchers from all academic disciplines and the users of that information. ERPN has grown significantly since its inception in March 2006 and now consists of more than 20,000 papers with a combined total of more than 2.5 million downloads. ERPN distributes weekly e-journals in the following categories:

  • Entrepreneurship & Economics
  • Entrepreneurship & Finance
  • Entrepreneurship & Law
  • Entrepreneurship & Management
  • Entrepreneurship & Marketing
  • Entrepreneurship & the Social Sciences
  • Entrepreneurship, Innovation, & Growth
  • ERPN Educator: Courses, Cases, & Teaching
  • Social Entrepreneurship

The studies posted on ERPN come from a variety of research sources, including Kauffman Foundation-funded efforts such as: