Kauffman Global Scholars Program

The Kauffman Foundation for seven years operated the Kauffman Global Scholars Program, providing a world-class opportunity for outstanding recent graduates to develop their entrepreneurial skills and ideas, competencies, and capabilities to start a business. 

The Program afforded participants the opportunity to catalyze their ideas with unparalleled training in entrepreneurship, bringing together a unique group from around the world.

While the program officially concluded in June 2013, over its seven years, the Global Scholars Program hosted students sponsored by governments and organizations from eight countries representing at least fourteen nationalities.

Each year's class of Global Scholars studied, exchanged ideas, and worked with entrepreneurial experts. As part of the experience, Scholars:

  • Met and engaged with leading scholars and thinkers, policy leaders, innovative researchers, and business founders. 
  • Learned from fellow aspiring entrepreneurs from other countries who likewise aimed to build companies with global vision and global reach.
  • Learned to think systematically about entrepreneurship and the variables that may lead to the success of entrepreneurial ventures.
  • Visited leading universities to exchange ideas with faculty, students, and those engaged in innovative, entrepreneurial work.
  • Experienced a three-month entrepreneurship internship at an innovative company in order to understand the real-life challenges and rewards of entrepreneurship.