Kauffman Laboratories for Enterprise Creation

Kauffman Laboratories for Enterprise Creation draws on the best of the Kauffman Foundation's programs that supported a wave of entrepreneurial activity and understanding, and promises a new set of major innovations designed to develop the next generation of entrepreneurs.

The concept for Kauffman Labs evolved over many years as we studied, funded, and delivered entrepreneurship programs. The experience has provided an unparalleled base of knowledge regarding the entire entrepreneurial ecosystem that is key to accelerating economic growth and expanding human welfare.

As we have worked to provide programs to support entrepreneurs, make entrepreneurship more accessible as a career option, and advance public policy to achieve these ends, we have learned two critical things:

  • First, we have developed a significantly richer understanding of the potential of entrepreneurship for macroeconomic growth. As a result, we have refocused academic work and public policy on the importance of the entrepreneur to economic renewal.
  • Second, we have come to understand the much larger promise that entrepreneurship holds for individual development, personal wealth creation, and human fulfillment.

Kauffman Labs is a multifaceted approach designed to grow the American economy by catalyzing a movement of thousands of new entrepreneurs who are successful in building high growth, scale firms. By extending "the science of startups," Kauffman Labs will offer a new method for teaching and training entrepreneurs that draws on the practical experience of developing new businesses.

As its name suggests, Kauffman Labs is a place for experimenting with new ways of bringing many more entrepreneurs into the fold and making them much more successful in producing high-growth firms. 

Bridging the worlds of learning and practice, Kauffman Labs is highly integrated, iterative, and networked.