Digital Inclusion

In 2012, a study by Google showed that a significant number of low-income individuals, senior citizens, and students and a disproportionate number of minorities in the Kansas City area do not have internet access in their neighborhood or home and lack computer skills in general.

The Kauffman Foundation has since been working to help close the digital divide in Kansas City, primarily in partnership with the following organizations:

  • Connecting for Good is a nationally recognized nonprofit organization that has been leading the way to bridge the Digital Divide since 2011 using wireless Internet, community technology centers, low cost refurbished PCs, and free digital life-skills classes.
  • The Kansas City Digital Inclusion Fund launched in 2013 and is the first privately funded digital-inclusion grants program in the country. It supports ongoing efforts to work with Kansas Citians who are not online and help them understand the relevance and importance of being connected.