Chance & Intent: Managing the Risks of Innovation and Entrepreneurship

In Chance & Intent, editors Dr. David L. Bodde and Dr. Caron H. St. John explore the enterprise hazards that reside outside the bell curve and the conventional domains of risk- uncertainty, ambiguity, and ignorance. This edited volume emphasizes practical strategies for understanding and managing the risks of a new venture in light of recent research.

"This book will help entrepreneurs, corporate innovators, and investors employ a wider spectrum of risk management strategies than previously possible," says Robert Strom, Kauffman Foundation director of research and policy.

The compact and readable book helps readers investigate:

  • Uncertainty, where outcomes can be characterized in advance, and reliable estimates cannot be made for the likelihood that they will occur;
  • Ambiguity, where the events and outcomes cannot be well characterized, in some cases because we cannot imagine them and in others because characterization depends upon the institutional interests or cultural values of the observer; and
  • Ignorance, where neither likelihood estimates nor well-characterized events enjoy much credibility.

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