Today at the Kauffman Foundation

We’re busting myths about entrepreneurship

Some assumptions about entrepreneurship don't match credible research findings, and the misconceptions won't go away. Our research and the research of those we fund has been making headway and, if not disproving, at least pushing back against conventional wisdom that turns out to be myths.

We’re boosting student achievement

Working with organizations, educators, and community members in Kansas City, we support the conditions for a system of high-performing urban schools staffed by highly effective teachers and leaders. The Kauffman School draws on the inspiring examples of the nation’s most effective charter schools that are helping urban students achieve at very high academic levels and preparing them for success throughout their lives. 

We’re sharing what we know

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In the two areas on which Kauffman focuses—entrepreneurship and education—the Foundation’s Research and Policy area draws fresh insights from its own research, fundamental academic research, policy advocacy, and program implementation.

We’re connecting you with entrepreneurial experts

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The Kauffman Founders School presents a robust online curriculum for entrepreneurs. Subject experts present lectures that are embedded in modules designed to give founders a rich learning experience, engaging them in lessons that will make a difference in how they structure, fund and run their business.

We’re designing new tools

EdWise Tool Screenshot - Empowering Education Information

During his lifetime, our founder Ewing Kauffman pushed the frontiers of innovation. We follow that inventive spirit by developing resources and custom-built technology tools like EdWise that catalogs 14 million records of K-12 Department of Education statistics from Missouri and Kansas into a single database.

We’re devoted to our hometown

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From our home in Kansas City, we work on initiatives that reach into our neighborhoods and around the world. We support civic causes that enrich our community and improve the quality of life for all residents.

We’re looking forward to tomorrow

Today and everyday at the Kauffman Foundation we are dedicated to helping individuals attain economic independence by advancing educational achievement and entrepreneurial success.