Alex Krause

Alex Krause is a program officer in Research and Policy for the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation. Krause’s expertise is in organizational behavior and human capital in entrepreneurship, especially through demographic and industry studies. In terms of demographic research, Krause runs the women’s research agenda, working to find intersections for both research and programs in closing the gender gap. In regard to industry research, Krause is interested in the academic industry, particularly in building the field of entrepreneurship research. She runs the Kauffman Emerging Scholars Program, which provides annual support for doctoral consortia, dissertation fellowships, junior faculty fellowships and the Kauffman Prize Medal – all in pursuit of excellence in entrepreneurship research. She runs the State of the Field website – an encyclopedic compilation of knowledge on entrepreneurship research written by experts in the field. 

She previously worked as the project director of Building a Community of Readers for the Kansas City Public Library. Earlier, she was an AmeriCorps VISTA for the Office of Mayor Sly James and his Turn the Page KC reading initiative and an economics analysis intern for the U.S. State Department in the U.S. Embassy in Berlin.

Nigeria’s Got Talent! Global Entrepreneurship Week in Lagos, Nigeria

Global Entrepreneurship Week in Lagos, Nigeria. According the the Global Entrepreneurship Index, the strongest asset to Nigeria's entrepreneurship ecosystem is its human capital.
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Keeping Up with the Kauffman Dissertation Fellows

Every year we award 20 emerging entrepreneurship scholars with a $20,000 fellowship for their work in expanding the body of entrepreneurship research. After they finish their dissertations, the scholars send give us a summary of their work in addition to the full papers. Check out some of the valuable work these scholars are doing!
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Gender Pay Gap Doesn’t Stop for Women Entrepreneurs

The White House and the tech community team up to #HackThePayGap for women. Kauffman Foundation sees that the pay gap reaches beyond employer-employee relationship, and into entrepreneurship.
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7 Things You’ll Learn at an Entrepreneurship Doctoral Consortium

So you’re considering or pursuing a Ph.D. in entrepreneurship? That’s great! here are some of the common topics you can expect to discuss at various doctoral consortia in entrepreneurship.
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Imagining an ideal future state for women entrepreneurs

Design thinking and seven tweets speak to a GES dedicated to entrepreneurship for emerging youth and women

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Video: A Look at the Kauffman Entrepreneurship Scholars

2016 Kauffman Prize Winner, Yael Hochberg, discusses the Kauffman Entrepreneurship Scholars program and the field of academic research in entrepreneurship.
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A New State of the Field - Kauffman Foundation Releases New Entrepreneurship Research Tool

A new State of the Field website has launched which overviews different research topics in entrepreneurship. Read this post to explore the new available features!
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Founders Flounder as CEO

If You Love Something, Let it Go. If it Comes Back, You’re Steve Jobs. founder-CEOs replaced by professional CEOs
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Big Data Analytics: What It Means and Why We Should Tread Carefully

Big data, made possible by the Internet of Things and analyzed by smart algorithms, is changing the world of statistics. Big data is helping entrepreneurs and policymakers make better decisions and helps consumers reach products they're most interested in. But, at what cost?
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Talent Matters: A Kauffman Junior Faculty Fellowship Profile of Matt Marx

As Kauffman Junior Faculty Fellows’ grant periods come to an end and they share some of their research, Growthology will share overviews of some of the lessons learned from their work in entrepreneurship. First up: Matt Marx.
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