Chris Jackson

Chris Jackson is a research assistant in Research and Policy for the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation, assisting in the understanding of what policies and environments best promote entrepreneurship and education in the pursuit of economic growth. 

Want to be like Silicon Valley? Welcome Immigrant Entrepreneurs

Exploring how the percentage of immigrant entrepreneurs varies across states and metropolitan areas.
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In the Border War of tax incentives, states—and small business—lose

Research shows large tax incentive programs don’t actually create jobs. In fact, it often fails to reward the types of companies that do have job creation potential.

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Buying Talent by Buying the Business

Acqui-whats? Kauffman researcher Chris Jackson explains what acqui-hires are and how it makes sense for some companies.
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Job Creation & the Economy: 5 Ways to Foster Growth

E.J. Reedy, a director in Research & Policy, addresses the House of Representatives to discuss several areas of federal policy that can strengthen entrepreneurial growth.
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Lessons from the Kauffman Index: Immigrants are Infused with Entrepreneurial Energy

Kauffman researcher Chris Jackson dives into the Kauffman Index: Startup Activity and emphasizes the importance of the role immigrants play in entrepreneurship.
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Reworking Occupational Licensing

Kauffman Researcher Chris Jackson explains how licensing regimes can stifle labor mobility and examines some policy remedies.
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Are Investment Tax Credits Helping Entrepreneurs?

Are investment tax credits helping entrepreneurs? Kauffman researcher Chris Jackson examines how current tax policy doesn't really align with the type of support young and innovative companies need from policymakers.
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