Evan Absher

Evan has a background in law and municipal policy and specializes in civic and social entrepreneurship. 

SolarCity is the new Erie Canal

Hedge your bets Buffalo—going “all-in” on one firm, in one industry, is a long shot for long term success.
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What big banks can’t do

Local lenders can boost entrepreneurial ecosystems by evaluating social capital
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The Taxing Will Continue Until Morale Improves

Tax incentives do not create new jobs because young, high-growth firms begun by entrepreneurs create jobs. Entrepreneurs beginning young, high growth firms care less about tax breaks than they do for proximity to talent, capital and the amenities of urban living.
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I'm a Student, I'm Cheap, And I Have Something To Prove.

This post discusses how cities, universities, and students can collaborate to provide much needed innovation for their communities to the benefit of all stakeholders.
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If Data Is The New Oil, We Are Spilling It Everywhere

Our legal and social concepts of data prevent equitable and effective use of data. It's time to separate data from privacy and create a transparent market.
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