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Entrepreneurship Education Increasing in American Schools

Earlier this year, the Kauffman Foundation reported that millennials were the most educated generation and that they were the most exposed to entrepreneurship education based on the number of college courses on the subject. Last week, Junior Achievement released a new study showing that the increase goes beyond college campuses.
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The Evolution of Entrepreneurship on College Campuses

Exploring the evolution of entrepreneurship on college campuses -- a timeline
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Orlando Entrepreneurship: You Don’t Know the Half Of It

In order to better understand the functioning of entrepreneurship ecosystems, Kauffman researcher Colin Tomkins-Bergh has been investigating entrepreneurship ecosystems from a ground-level perspective along with aggregated datasets.
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The Missouri High School Graduates Report

Information is currently available that addresses college preparedness in terms of first year completion, grade point average, and remediation for every high school in Missouri that has students currently enrolled in an institution of higher education in the state. Senior Data Analyst Christopher Laubenthal explores where these data sources can be found, what data are included, and their context.
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Bennett Hypothesis 2.0 (part 2)

Kauffman Researcher Josh Russell continues to explore the Bennett Hypothesis 2.0, focusing on school selectivity and the dynamic story of tuition increases.
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Alternative Theories for Rising College Tuition: Baumol’s Cost Disease and Bowen’s Rule

Kauffman researcher Josh Russell examines the role of Baumol's Cost Disease and Bowen's Rule play in increasing tuition in higher education.
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Alternative Theories for Rising College Tuition: State Funding and Competition

Kauffman researcher Josh Russell explores the effects of decreased state funding and increased competition on college tuition.
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Hiring and Building Your Startup’s Team

Kauffman researcher Emily Fetsch shares the advantages of startups' creating their own talent versus hiring talent.
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Bennett Hypothesis: Does Student Aid Raise Tuition?

Kauffman researcher Josh Russell explores how federal aid may increase college tuition via the Bennett Hypothesis.
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Smoothing the Path for New Firms: Are We In It for the Long Haul?

An increasing number of startup-savvy policymakers throughout the United States and around the world are racing to build better entrepreneurial ecosystems to create jobs and generate real economic growth, but real results don't happen overnight.
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