A Startup Visa is Profoundly Pro-American Entrepreneur

A startup visa would allow immigrant founders who met certain criteria to be entrepreneurs in America and later become permanent residents—keeping their talents here where they will benefit other American entrepreneurs.
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International Entrepreneur Rule: The Good, the Bad and the Unknown

The Kauffman Foundation gave feedback today on the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s proposed International Entrepreneur Rule. The rule would allow certain immigrant entrepreneurs to remain in the United States for the purpose of operating and growing their startup.
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Want to be like Silicon Valley? Welcome Immigrant Entrepreneurs

Exploring how the percentage of immigrant entrepreneurs varies across states and metropolitan areas.
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Immigrant Entrepreneurship: Just the Facts

Greater acceptance of immigrant entrepreneurs can boost falling rates of firm formation, create jobs for Americans and spur economic growth.
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Welcoming Communities Unlock the Potential of Immigrant Entrepreneurs

As any Welcoming City knows, immigrant entrepreneurs play a particularly critical role in the economic vitality of our communities, though they may not receive the recognition they deserve.
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Living with Family: An Entrepreneurial Advantage?

Kauffman researcher Emily Fetsch explores whether multigenerational living helps bolster entrepreneurship.
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Entrepreneurship and the American Idea

Kauffman's Dane Stangler explores the idea of entrepreneurship and the American Idea, in preparation for our celebration of 250 years of innovation in the U.S.
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A Billion Reasons to Encourage Immigrant Startups

Two recent studies emphasize the need for an update of current immigration policy.
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Entrepreneurship Can Give the Country a New Start

Find out more about what the New Entrepreneurial Growth agenda has to say about immigration and entrepreneurship.
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The 2016 State of Entrepreneurship Address in 21 Tweets

Kauffman researcher Arnobio Morelix shares themes from the State of Entrepreneurship in America Address through tweets
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