Intellectual Property

R&D Collaboration and the History of Bell Labs

R&D collaboration -- what works best? Jordan Bell-Masterson explores the research literature and the history of Bell Labs to provide insights on how to purse R&P collaboration.
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Why Isn't the Patent System Nurturing More Innovation?

Kauffman researcher Chris Jackson explores some of the reasons U.S. patent protection doesn't produce optimal results for spurring innovation.
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Secrecy and Transparency in the Patent World

Kauffman Foundation researcher Alex Krause details the trade-off for inventors when choosing between remaining secret or being transparent in publishing patent application before patent granting.
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Washington Starts Standing Up to Patent Trolls

The White House is hoping to address the skyrocketing number of patent infringement lawsuits with a new series of executive actions and legislative priorities targeted at so-called ‘patent trolls.’ According to a new report by the President’s Council of Economic Advisors, National Economic Council and Office of Science & Technology Policy, the total number of patent cases has nearly doubled in the past seven years. More alarming is the fact that in that same amount of time, the number of suits filed by patent-trolls—companies that own patents for the sole purpose of litigating to receive license fees—has more than tripled to 62% of all cases.
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