Highlights from the 2016 REER Conference

Recapping the 2016 REER Conference with reports on papers about non-competes, the entrepreneurial mindset, and how tough times shape future entrepreneurs.
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Why Competition Matters

Entrepreneurship and competition are inextricably linked. What specific areas can improved policy around competition boost entrepreneurship?
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Presenting a GPS for Entrepreneurship Policymaking at SXSW

I was asked by a reporter last month whether I thought entrepreneurship was at risk in this election. My answer was no; entrepreneurship is not at risk because entrepreneurs will always pursue their dreams.

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Kauffman @ SXSW – Entrepreneurship and Policymaking: Putting the Public back into Public Policy

The Kauffman Foundation will be going to SXSW Interactive this week to co-host a panel on crowdsourcing policy-making. Find out more about it.
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The 2016 State of Entrepreneurship Address in 21 Tweets

Kauffman researcher Arnobio Morelix shares themes from the State of Entrepreneurship in America Address through tweets
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The Taxing Will Continue Until Morale Improves

Tax incentives do not create new jobs because young, high-growth firms begun by entrepreneurs create jobs. Entrepreneurs beginning young, high growth firms care less about tax breaks than they do for proximity to talent, capital and the amenities of urban living.
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I'm a Student, I'm Cheap, And I Have Something To Prove.

This post discusses how cities, universities, and students can collaborate to provide much needed innovation for their communities to the benefit of all stakeholders.
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This Week in Entrepreneurship Policy: No Hearings

After several weeks full of committee hearings on a variety of issues, Capitol Hill will be fairly quiet this week. Members of the House of Representatives are mostly out of town for a scheduled week-long District Work Period to coincide with Veterans Day. Meanwhile, while the Senate looks to be busy this week, there are not any committee hearings currently scheduled with a direct link to entrepreneurs.
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‘Pop-Up’ British Consulate Discusses Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Kauffman researcher Emily Fetsch shares key takeaways from a panel on entrepreneurship, featuring the British Consulate, during their visit to the Kauffman Foundation.
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This Week in Entrepreneurship Policy: Exploring Regulatory Burdens

While the Republican Party is still choosing a successor before Congressman John Boehner steps down at the end of the month, the bigger issue on Capitol Hill this week is what will happen with the debt ceiling and what that might do to the US global standing.
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