Policy Dialogue Shifting to Growthology

Since 2003, the Policy Dialogue on Entrepreneurship has landed in the inboxes of tens of thousands of subscribers each week, tracking the pulse of public policies and programs aimed at helping entrepreneurs and stimulating economic growth. In August, PDE is shifting to Growthology – another long-time Kauffman Foundation blog that makes complex findings accessible to entrepreneurs, policymakers, media outlets, and fellow researchers.
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In the Border War of tax incentives, states—and small business—lose

Research shows large tax incentive programs don’t actually create jobs. In fact, it often fails to reward the types of companies that do have job creation potential.

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3 Tax Topics that Tax Entrepreneurs

Research shows a complex tax system costs small firms, tax incentives do not spur job creation and state taxes can have an important impact on growth.
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State Economic Development Bends Toward Big Business, According to Good Jobs First Report

Kauffman researcher Emily Fetsch summarizes findings of a new report which examines the economic development incentive programs in Florida, Missouri, and New Mexico.
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The Taxing Will Continue Until Morale Improves

Tax incentives do not create new jobs because young, high-growth firms begun by entrepreneurs create jobs. Entrepreneurs beginning young, high growth firms care less about tax breaks than they do for proximity to talent, capital and the amenities of urban living.
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Entrepreneurial Optimism Rising Slowly

The latest data from the Small Business Economic Trends research being done by the NFIB Research Foundation shows optimism slowly moving in the right direction.
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This Week in Entrepreneurship Policy: Taxes, Data and the IRS

Last week, the Internal Revenue Service reported a major data breach where cybercriminals stole tax returns of more than 104,000 individuals. This week, Congress has that and other tax-related issues on its radar.
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A Very Taxing Process

Kauffman researcher Chris Jackson explains why the conversation about taxes doesn't have to be only be about how high or low they should be. Reducing the complexity of taxes and how burdensome they are can open up more resources that entrepreneurs can use to accelerate their business.
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States Pursue Angel Tax Credits

More than half of U.S. states offer tax credits for early stage investors. Of course, the programs vary widely from state to state — some are successful and expanding, others are stagnant and expiring and still others that are desperately trying to introduce legislation to create them.
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This Week in Entrepreneurship Policy: Tax Day Means Talk of Reform

More than half of the U.S. feels that their taxes are too high and with Tax Day falling on Wednesday this week, several congressional committees are picking up the discussion of tax reform.
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