Technology Transfer

University Research Brings the Local Closer to the Global

Universities traditionally measure their impact on entrepreneurship locally. At last month’s Global Entrepreneurship Congress (GEC), Bill Aulet from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) reminded us that in a world where national boundaries are porous to both innovation and knowledge creation, assessing our impact globally can be a strong driver of collective performance improvement.
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R&D Collaboration and the History of Bell Labs

R&D collaboration -- what works best? Jordan Bell-Masterson explores the research literature and the history of Bell Labs to provide insights on how to purse R&P collaboration.
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Multidisciplinary Approach to Economic Success

Kauffman researcher Alex Krause reviews the TI:GER program out of Georgia Tech. The TI:GER program seeks to help educate scholars in higher education on the commercialization of university research.
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US 'Nowhere Near' Top in University Research Funding

Despite an abundance of world class research institutions like MIT and Stanford, the United States lags far behind many other nations in terms of funding university research. In a recent study by the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation, the U.S. finished 24th out of 39 countries in government funding and 27th in terms of business funding. 
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U.S. Universities Dominate List of University Incubators

The Rice Alliance for Technology and Entrepreneurship was recently recognized as the top university business incubator in the world—beating out 150 incubators from 22 countries. The Houston-based incubator from Rice University led the charge as 15 U.S. universities dominated the top 25.
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