The Economy Needs Ecosystem Builders

Entrepreneurs may be the Black Panther, Kamala Khan, and Captain America of the economy, but their success relies heavily on the people who work to make entrepreneurship thrive.Read More >

A Great Entrepreneurial City is Open to All

At the 2018 Mayors Conference on Entrepreneurship, Mayor Sly James spoke about the entrepreneurial spirit of Kansas City and the importance of collaborating with ecosystem builders.Read More >

Our Economic Future Requires Education that Prepares Students for the Future Workforce

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Let the Entrepreneurial Mindset of America's Founding Inspire Us Again

Reflecting on the lifelong learner, innovator, inventor, and statesman, Benjamin Franklin, the question begs: How can we do more to make the risky, innovative, American idea ring true?Read More >

Little Hope for Policy to Attract Entrepreneurial Talent

While more than a dozen countries roll out the welcome mat for immigrant entrepreneurs, founder and president of the Global Entrepreneurship Network says U.S. lags in placing value on economic impact of international talent.Read More >