We Can Build the STEM Workforce Our Future Economy Needs

A recent report highlighted that by 2030, Missouri will face a shortage of 200,000 qualified workers. This is not just a MIssouri issue, but a national issue, as well. The key challenge is to ensure that education is equitable in order to meet the needs of ALL students and the needs of tomorrow's workforce.Read More >

A Time for New Beginnings, Regardless of Age

In this rural county in upstate New York, entrepreneurs graduating from Kauffman FastTrac are empowered to take control of their own destinies.Read More >

The Power to Choose

In his speech to graduating seniors and one of the classes in the Project Choice program, Ewing Kauffman challenged the students to take full advantage of the opportunity they'd been given.Read More >

Lasting Legacy. Continued Impact.

As college and KSI program grads donned caps and gowns, 120 diverse young professionals begin to create their own legacies.Read More >

Grants Allow School Leaders to Create Innovative Solutions

Individual Schools Grants enable schools to explore their greatest opportunities and tackle their most pressing challenges in a way that goes faster and deeper than with public funding alone.Read More >