The Road to Understanding

The real-life stories of the day-to-day issues entrepreneurs face are most vividly told in the offices, workshops and garages where they work, and the Kauffman Foundation is venturing out to hear them.Read More >

Designing the Future of Learning for All Kids

Education is ripe for innovation, but how do we scale successful models to prepare the majority, not a privileged few, for a rapidly transforming economy?Read More >

Visit the Tranquil Beauty of Kauffman Memorial Garden

This Memorial Day weekend marks the 18th year of Ewing and Muriel Kauffman’s vibrant and enduring gift to Kansas City.Read More >

An Uncommon Bet in the Late 90s Helped Catalyze the Social Entrepreneurship Movement

Every social entrepreneur remembers forever the people and organizations that took a chance to help them bring their dream to life.Read More >

How to Scale the Building Blocks of Success

A collaborative strategy is focused on changing the landscape of early education to meet the needs of a region.Read More >