Top Entrepreneurship Papers: What Made the List?

Last year I posted monthly reports on top ten new papers on the Social Science Research Network’s (SSRN) Entrepreneurship Research & Policy Network (ERPN) based on new paper downloads. This year I’ll continue to do so on a quarterly basis.

I’ve been categorizing papers as economics, finance, law, and management/strategy. While some papers fit in more than one category, for the sake of simplicity I have picked the category that fits each paper best.

As different categories change over time on this visualization, it's important to remember that the field of academic entrepreneurship research has changed over time- a field which started in large part as a part of the finance and economics sectors, has bled into many different disciplines over time.

The economics and law disciplines in entrepreneurship seem to be dominated lately by research on intellectual property, while management and strategy has been dominated by research on crowdfunding.

For more recommended reading in entrepreneurship, check out State of the Field. In each field of interest to you, a list of top research recommendations is provided in the references section.

Check in again in May for updates on top new papers of this quarter.

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