A New State of the Field - Kauffman Foundation Releases New Entrepreneurship Research Tool

Last year the Kauffman Foundation released State of the Field, a new research tool that compiles overviews of the most recent research on key topics in entrepreneurship.

With so much information out there on entrepreneurship research, the Foundation sought to bring together expert academics to build literature summaries, calls for future research, and data information on different topics.

Before State of the Field, there was no comprehensive venue for all things entrepreneurship research. We have Wikipedia and academic surveys, text books and Google Scholar. Each has strengths but may lack simplicity or credibility. State of the Field sought to change that by providing good, peer-reviewed information.

Today we launch a new website for State of the Field that will provide more dynamic information for users. New updates include:

  • Updated topic sections and map
  • Related Growthology blog posts
  • Author page with university information
  • Kauffman Foundation Research & Policy resource information
  • Dataset overview user guides
  • Dataset index for the entire site

Visit State of the Field to explore different topics in entrepreneurship research, take what you find useful, and Tweet it out with the hashtag #EshipScholars.

To be an editor or contributor, please email Alex Krause. We hope you check back often, and most of all, we hope you find this tool useful!

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