To weather change together, effective collaboration and communication are essential

Commitment to collaboration and communication are particularly relevant in a world seemingly locked in extremes. Effective collaboration is often a challenge, but essential to achieve positive change and common ground.

“We provide opportunities for collaborative learning and networking, such as the Center for Creative Leadership Workshop, Leading Change, a trending issue in the nonprofit sector,” says Gloria Jackson-Leathers, Kauffman Foundation director of Kansas City Civic. “Our investments and engagements promote skills that foster the growth of strong, high-performing teams ready to face the challenges of today and tomorrow.”

Center for Creative LeadershipThe Center for Creative Leadership provided a leadership capacity-building workshop for nonprofit leaders in Kansas City Aug. 9 at the Kauffman Foundation. By understanding how change affects individuals, this “change leadership” workshop focused on how communication, collaboration and commitment helps to implement successful critical change initiatives.

More than 20 nonprofits from startups to long-established institutions—from the Girl Scouts to SchoolSmartKCWilliam Jewell College’s Pryor Leadership Center to the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum—came together to embrace the “learning together” mentality we strive to achieve in Kansas City.

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