Redefine, Reclaim, Rethink Entrepreneur

As highlighted at Kauffman's ninth annual State of Entrepreneurship Address Feb. 28 in Washington, D.C., it's time to rethink the word 'entrepreneur' to include all the makers, doers and dreamers, who are as diverse and unique as the communities they call home and the businesses they create—because they are the job creators. They are the innovators. And they don't fit into a single stereotype.

So, how can we reduce barriers to entrepreneurship to help the makers, doers and dreamers? First, listen.

The Kauffman Foundation recently commissioned a national survey of entrepreneurs. Do they think it's easier or harder to start their own business compared to five years ago? To make their business profitable? To get funding? How many had the support of their family and friends, their community—their government? It's all in the report, plus much more.

We're also asking our elected officials to listen. Join this call-to-action to encourage policymakers to champion all entrepreneurs. Text CHAMPION to 52886 or participate from your computer or tablet

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