World Bank Publishes Data on 112 Countries

The World Bank Group has released two additional years of data as a part of its Entrepreneurship Database

For most countries, data is now current through 2009, thus reporting some of the first international entrepreneurship statistics since the economic crisis began. 

With 112 countries, many with several years time-series, the World Bank Entrepreneurship Database is worth a look for many academics looking for other measures to test entrepreneurship patterns within countries. 

It’s a parallel effort to some of the popular Doing Business research and reports different demographics about limited liability corporations within the countries covered.

I expect this chart covering new business entry density in different development classes of countries will get the most press coverage with the current release.

It shows a not so positive picture for new business entry in the developed economies and a relatively bright picture in many developing economies. While the developed economies continue to see higher entry rates, they also saw trend lines which were significantly more affected by the financial crisis. 
Other data due out next month from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) should shed more additional light on other international measures of entrepreneurship post-crisis. Last year their timely indicators of entrepreneurship were also negative.

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