Wave 4 Data Available: Panel Study on Entrepreneurial Dynamics

The University of Michigan has released the fourth wave of data for the Panel Study on Entrepreneurial Dynamics 2 (PSED), which is following 1,214 nascent entrepreneurs working on starting a business in the United States during 2005. The Codebook contains basic distributions of how the nascent entrepreneurs responded in the aggregate to questions in the baseline and first three follow-ups. The PSED is useful for examining the start-up process across a nationally-representative set of industries and variety of topics. The data are publicly available for download at no cost and without registration.

Incidentally, I will be participating in a workshop along with the principal investigators on the PSED at the 2010 Academy of Management meetings (information below).

Business Creation Panel Studies: The 2010 International Update
Entrepreneurial Panels Update         
Scheduled: Friday, Aug 6 2010 4:00PM - 7:00PM at Le Palais Des Congres in 511F

Chair: Paul D Reynolds; George Mason U.;
Presenter: Per Davidsson; Queensland U. of Technology;
Presenter: Teresa Virginia Menzies; Brock U.;
Presenter: Yuli Zhang; Nankai U.;
Presenter: Vyacheslav Dombrovsky; Stockholm School of Economics, Riga;
Presenter: Jolanda Hessels; EIM / Erasmus School of Economics;
Presenter: Gry Agnete Alsos; Nordland Research Institute;
Presenter: Mikael J Samuelsson; Stockholm School of Economics;
Presenter: Richard Curtin; U. of Michigan, Ann Arbor;
Discussant: Howard Aldrich; U. of North Carolina;
Discussant: David Audretsch; Indiana U., Bloomington;
Discussant: Mahesh P Bhave; Alliant International U.;
Presenter: Rolf Sternberg; U. of Hannover;
Presenter: E.J. Reedy; Kauffman Foundation;

Understanding the origins of new businesses, the firm creation process, has been dramatically affected by the implementation of longitudinal studies of the start-up process (Davidsson, 2006). National projects in nine countries share the same research protocol and a conscious effort has been made to harmonize many details of these projects. The teams in all countries continue to make progress either in collecting additional follow-up data—as in Australia, China, Germany, Latvia, Netherlands, Sweden and the second U.S. project [PSED II]—or completing additional analysis and assessments of the existing data sets—as in Canada, Norway, and the original Netherlands, Sweden and U.S. projects [PSED I]. The Kauffman Firm Survey [KFS], designed to provide tracking of post firm birth ventures is harmonized with U.S. PSED II. This workshop will provide an update of the developments over the past year among these complementary projects, providing a guide to those teams in additional countries that may wish to implement their own panel studies. Following commentaries on the contributions of these projects to understanding business creation and unexplored opportunities, there will be an opportunity for an open discussion of future directions for this research paradigm.

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