Weekend Links for Feb 27, 2015

Every other Friday, we’ll send you into the weekend with a selection from what we’ve been reading.  Think of it as a mix between Vox Sentences’ ‘Verbatim’ section and WCEG’s weekend links.

“…we have to continue to nurture the broadly equitable distribution of economic capabilities among our people.  Economic inclusion, by which I mean easing access to quality education, nutrition, healthcare, finance, and markets to all our citizens, is therefore a necessity for sustainable growth.  It is also, obviously, a moral imperative.”

[Raghuram Rajanon | Reserve Bank of India]

“In recent years, Google had stood out as an exception — a company that still shot for the moon. But even Google’s now facing calls to show more immediate results by investors with shorter time horizons.”

[Brad Plumer | Vox]

“If earnings gaps within occupations are more important than the distribution of individuals by occupations then looking at specific occupations should provide further evidence on how to equalize earnings by gender. Furthermore, it means that changing the gender mix of occupations will not do the trick.”

[Claudia Goldin | Harvard University]

“At this stage ‘increasing education’ and ‘fostering innovation’ are simply placeholders for policies we will not be able to imagine until we see more of the shape of our future.”

[Brad DeLong | WCEG]

“Which brought us back to the challenge at hand. It was hard not to wonder how a company that’s disruptive at its core would be received ultimately in Japan, where harmonious unity — a concept known as wa — is something of a national virtue. How does a storm arrive in a place that’s phobic about storms?”

[Sara Corbett | NYT]

“They say Washington DC has had a huge crime decline, but I just saw one of the most vicious muggings I’m likely to see, one where David Autor and Larry Summers just tore this idea that a Machine Age is responsible for our economic plight apart on a panel yesterday at the Hamilton Project for the launch of a new Machine Age report.”

[Mike Konczal | Rortybomb]

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