Kauffman @ SXSW: 4 Insights from the Fastest Growing Companies in America

This year at Startup Oasis I gave a presentation called “4 Insights from the Fastest Growing Companies in America.” Startup Oasis went from March 14-16 in Austin, TX, during SXSW Interactive, and is an event hosted by the Kauffman Foundation and UP Global, the creators of Startup Weekend.

On this blog I share the slide deck that I used, as well as all the research and data sources I pulled from to create the presentation. The presentation builds on a good amount of previous research from the Kauffman Foundation, and many ideas here were inspired by previous presentations by Kauffman’s Yas Motoyama and former Kauffman colleague Jared Konczal. Hope you enjoy it.

About the Presentation

If you read startup media you may be left with the impression that most of the fastest-growing companies are based in Silicon Valley, and that they can only get any traction because they raised massive amounts of venture capital.

Yet, the data shows a very different picture. Our research with 479+ companies among the Inc. 500|5000 list of fastest growing companies in America tells another story: the vast majority of them are not based in Silicon Valley, and less than 6.5% of them raised any venture capital.

Join us to eat tasty tacos and learn from the research with these companies how to build great startups outside the stereotypical startup hubs.

The Deck


Research and Data References

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