Mapping Kauffman Emerging Scholars in Entrepreneurship

Data visualizations are important. The technological advancement of mixing data with beautifully generated digital illustrations, allowing users to dive into the data that researchers work with in raw-form, has helped everyone on any part of the data-literacy spectrum to better understand the context around data.

As I mentioned in a previous post, I will be reviewing research completed by Kauffman Emerging Scholars, as well as exploring what the world of Emerging Scholars is doing to advance the field of entrepreneurship.

In this post, I would like to show off some of the work we are doing with visualizing our Emerging Scholars Initiative, by presenting a map of all of the Scholars’ current locations. The map should indicate where some of the highest quality research in entrepreneurship is happening.

Each bubble is a location where Emerging Scholars are based. The warmer the color and the larger the circle signifies a greater number of scholars at a particular location. Hover over the fields to find more information on the institutions represented, click around the map to discover more.

In future posts, I will continue to show some of the developments in our data visualizations and Emerging Scholars research. 


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