Presentation at Facebook Headquarters: Building a Robust Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

About a year ago I had the chance to give a presentation at the Facebook Headquarters in Silicon Valley on building entrepreneurial ecosystems. The presentation was based on a network analysis project we did in partnership with 1 Million Cups and their entrepreneurs. At the time, Facebook was hosting a data science conference for researchers.

I wrote about the conference before, and this post is a follow-up in which I share the slide deck I used for the presentation. The bulk of the research here is based on a paper I co-authored with Kauffman colleagues Yas Motoyama, Jared Konczal and Jordan Bell-Masterson; as well as on a research report (yet to be publicly released) by Penn State’s Yicheol Han and Stephan J. Goetz. 

The Deck

Facebook’s Famous Posters

The walls on Facebook’s offices are often covered by their (kind of) famous posters. This is a little dorky, but you can see some of my favorite posters and pictures from their headquarters on the link below.

Presentation @Facebook conference. Slid...

Media Coverage for this Research



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