Anatomy of the 1 Million Cups Entrepreneur

1 Million Cup organizers from across the country gathered last week in Kansas City at the Kauffman Foundation for the 1 Million Cups (1MC) Organizers Summit.

At the Summit, my colleague Arnobio Morelix and I presented our latest research findings about 1MC. Our research draws from data collected through a survey of 1MC founders from across the country. We received responses from 605 entrepreneurs coming from 58 different cities. We asked 20+ questions about themselves (founder) and their startup.

Examples of questions included:

  • How would you describe the stage of your company?
  • What sources of financing have you drawn from to finance your / current company?
  • What would you say is the primary sector of your venture?

We distilled our findings into two useful tools for 1MC organizers and entrepreneurs: The Anatomy of the 1MC Entrepreneur Presentation and an Interactive 1MC City Map.

Primary Findings:

  1. The demographics and skill sets of 1MC Entrepreneurs
  2. The business stage and financial state of 1MC Startups
  3. 1 Million Cups is a Launching Pad into the greater entrepreneurial community and to other organizations
  • Presenting entrepreneurs roughly double their participation in local entrepreneurship events.

Please see below for the slide deck on the Anatomy of the 1MC Entrepreneur Presentation:

1 Million Cups Interactive Map

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