State of the Field: Distilling the Universe of Entrepreneurship Research

Entrepreneurship research is plentiful, but it can also be dense. Unless you’re an entrepreneurship researcher, it can be impossible to cut through the thicket to find that one relevant fact you need.

State of the Field aims to simplify that process. Created by the Kauffman Foundation, State of the Field is a compilation of knowledge on entrepreneurship research written by the leading experts in the field.

We want to help entrepreneurial support organizations, policymakers, journalists and even entrepreneurs themselves find what they’re looking for in regard to understanding different components of entrepreneurship research.

Currently, there is no single, comprehensive venue for the latest in entrepreneurship research, and certainly not one that is simple to navigate without sacrificing depth. We have Wikipedia, academic surveys, handbooks, Google Scholar, and the researchers themselves. Each resource has its strengths. But each sacrifices credibility, thoroughness, or currency. Each limits its own usefulness by cost or by bias.

Our solution is simple: Gather as many researchers in one place as possible, and have them work collaboratively to distill the universe of entrepreneurship research down to its essence.

For each subfield of entrepreneurship (e.g., Venture Capital Finance or Immigration), an overview describes the current state of research. One to three editors – experts in their respective fields — manage each document. The editors can invite other contributors to work with them on these living documents, constantly drafting new versions together behind the scenes. When the editors are satisfied with the latest draft, they publish it to the website, where anyone can read.

This will always be a work in progress. We are in constant need of more experts — more minds to add their knowledge to this project. To sign up to be a contributor or editor, please visit this page, or contact Alex Krause.

We hope you check back frequently, and most of all, we hope you find what you’re looking for!

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