Links of the Week for October 30th

Experimental Conversations: Angus Deaton, on Medium

“I think economists, especially development economists, are sort of like economists in the 50’s with regressions. They have a magic tool but they don’t yet have much of an idea of the problems with that magic tool.”

Greenland Is Melting Away, on the New York Times

“We scientists love to sit at our computers and use climate models to make those predictions,” said Laurence C. Smith, head of the geography department at the University of California, Los Angeles, and the leader of the team that worked in Greenland this summer. “But to really know what’s happening, that kind of understanding can only come about through empirical measurements in the field.”

China’s 13th 5-Year Plan Video, on China Xinhua News (the government’s cutesy ad for the 5-year plan)

What it takes to start your own venture capital fund, on Medium

“Working as a VC associate right after school, I really got spoiled and so after 3+ years in an operational role at a startup, I decided I wanted to start investing again.

There were just a couple of problems:

I did not have any money whatsoever to invest

It was highly probable that no VC firm would have hired me as anything more than an associate

I had an idea I was deeply passionate about and wanted to bring to reality”

Economist Raj Chetty’s Proposals on Inequality Draw Interest on Both Sides of the Political Aisle, on the Wall Street Journal

”By analyzing tax records of families in 741 geographic districts, he pinpoints hotbeds of opportunity. Poorer children in Salt Lake City, for example, are twice as likely to reach the top fifth in income as those in Atlanta, though personal income in the cities is about the same.”


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