Trick or Treat: Holiday Entrepreneurs Help Make the Seasons More Festive

In the spirit of Halloween, we would like to think about a spooky type of entrepreneurship: the seasonal entrepreneur.

Entering into entrepreneurship can be scary—really scary if your market only exists a month or two each year.

With businesses from costume and decoration manufacturers, candy producers, pumpkin farms, and any other consumer products that help get everyone in the spirit of the season, the payout for this holiday is large. Research from the National Retail Federation (NRF) shows 2015 projected spending in the holiday from 157 million Americans, will generate nearly $7 billion in total revenue.

Photo courtesy Kam Abbott

Forbes noted that these 1,200 independent haunted houses in the United States grossed $300 million in 2014. I even found a startup program dedicated to helping haunted house entrepreneurs develop a business model, market their business, and work with construction, operations and props businesses. (The NRF estimates 33 million people visited a haunted house in 2014.)

These niche markets of seasonal entrepreneurs exist in all other holidays. Even everyday entrepreneurs think about how they can best capitalize on holidays.

While some may bemoan on capitalism in our holidays, we can also thank creative entrepreneurs for helping us feel a little more festive each year.

Happy Halloween from all of us on the Growthology team!


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