Helpful Items to List on an Academic CV

Curriculum Vitae

As I mentioned in a previous post, a current CV is essential to making sure your academic digital footprint accurately represents you and your work. As someone who looks up scholars’ CVs all the time, there are some things that I find particularly useful on resumes, other than the basics. Please keep in mind that I am not an academic, nor a hiring manager – these are just things I find useful:

1.    URLs for you and your research

2. Unique identifiers at the end of citations for papers, reports, and books as available

  • DOI – Direct Object Identifier (list as doi:10.1000/xyz123)
  • PubMed IDs (if applicable)
  • ISSN – International Standard Serial Number

These should also be listed on your website as clickable links. For your online CV (if you list one separately) or selected publications section, also provide a link directly to the paper, whether to the PDF or the journal's site.

For economists, specifically, if you have profiles on these pages, I also find it helpful if you list your:

Personally, I also love to see languages spoken, your Twitter handle, hobbies, volunteer work, and other outside activities on CVs that make you a better-rounded academic.

Again, make sure your digital academic research footprint is robust, current, and correctly represents you as a researcher. Give someone looking to hire you or know more about your work a complete picture, and make it easy to find. Whether you're on the job market, up for tenure, or fully tenured, keep your CV up to date!

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