The 2016 State of Entrepreneurship Address in 21 Tweets

Last week, the Kauffman Foundation hosted its annual State of Entrepreneurship Address at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C.

The main goals of the event were to present Kauffman’s take on the state of entrepreneurship in America and unveil the New Entrepreneurial Growth Agenda, an initiative to “develop new ideas for how to spur broad-based economic growth and opportunity through entrepreneurship.” For a 2-page summary of the Agenda, please see here. For the complete collection of essays by forty leading researchers and experts on how policymakers can help foster entrepreneurship, please see here.

Below are some tweets from attendees on some of the main topics emerging from the event.

You can see the full address and videos of the presentations and panels here. You can also check my colleague Derek Ozkal’s recap of the event here.

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