Meet the Growthology Authors

emily fetschEmily Fetsch, Research Assistant

Emily is interested in how entrepreneurship can be used to benefit communities. 
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chris jacksonChris Jackson, Research Assistant

Chris specializes in explaining the connections and interactions between economic research and policy questions. 
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alex krauseAlex Krause, Program Officer

Alex writes about closing the gender gap in entrepreneurship, organizational behavior, and productivity. She also highlights the great work produced by the Emerging Scholars network (Kauffman Dissertation Fellowship, Kauffman Junior Faculty Fellowship, Kauffman Prize Medal). 
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amisha millers

Amisha Miller, Senior Program Officer

Amisha focuses on finding out what helps entrepreneurs to start up and grow. 
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Arnobio Morelix, Senior Research Analyst & Program Officer 

Arnobio is passionate about translating top entrepreneurship research into real-world knowledge for startups. Before jumping into the data side of business, Arnobio worked as a social entrepreneur in South America. 
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derek ozkalDerek Ozkal, Program Officer

Derek focuses on falling rates of entrepreneurship and business dynamics. 
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ej reedyE.J. Reedy, Director

The original “Data Maven,” E.J. is a program officer on many of the Foundation’s signature entrepreneurship research and policy investments. 
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josh russellJosh Russell, Research Assistant

Josh focuses primarily on the use and quality of big data and the economics of education.
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colin tomkins-berghColin Tomkins-Bergh, Research Analyst

Colin is fascinated by the explosion in AgTech and food entrepreneurship and what it means for future food systems. 
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