Greeks and Italians Denounce Government Barriers

Although recovery is slowly spreading from Germany to other EU member countries, and all but two EU countries (Cyprus and Slovenia), are expected to avoid recession in 2014, economic growth estimates are weak. Jobless rate for the entire region are expected to remain near a record 12%.

With sluggish recovery rates and constrained public spending, entrepreneurs are much needed to help the private sector stimulate job creation. However, according to a recent Gallup's Entrepreneurial StrengthsFinder survey, overwhelming majorities in many EU countries say their government makes it difficult to start a business, including early all Italians (96%) and Greeks (93%), and a large majority in Spain (82%), Portugal (80%), Lithuania (72%), and Ireland (69%).

This discouraging perception is particularly troublesome to future growth in countries such as Greece and Spain, where unemployment is expected to continue to affect at least a quarter of the population, and where austerity measures constrain public-sector jobs. The perception of government in the EU entrepreneurship ecosystems also represent a lost opportunity given that views of entrepreneurship are largely positive, signaling that the cultural capital to launch a new venture is there.  “Even in Italy where nearly all perceive the government as making it hard to start a business, a majority still see business owners as good role models for young people”, reports Gallup World.

Other survey results suggest smart policymaking to leverage youth entrepreneurship. In Germany in 2013, for example, young Germans between the ages of 15 and 29 (81%) are more likely to see business owners as good models as adults (around 70%).

For complete country results, please check the Gallup report.


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