Lessons for Dealing with 'Founder's Dilemmas'

Interested in launching a startup but afraid you will make critical errors at the outset that will torpedo your efforts? The  Kauffman Founders School has introduced a new education series featuring insights from Noam Wasserman, who teaches an award-winning course on entrepreneurship at Harvard Business School and is the author of The Founder's Dilemmas: Anticipating and Avoiding the Pitfalls That Can Sink a Startup.

'Founder's Dilemmas' is presented through a series of videos with Wasserman and supporting materials. The new content provides practical lessons on what founders can do to avoid problems that typically lead to failure -- offering advice on four founder issues:

Should I Co-found? With Whom? Future ramifications of this key decision

Relationships: Pros and cons of founding with friends, family or former coworkers

Equity Splits: A founder checklist to know when and how to make fair equity splits

Challenges on the Road to Growth: How to balance founder wealth vs. control

In addition to Wasserman's lectures, the Founder's Dilemmas series includes questions for founders and their teams to answer; an "impact guide" to help founders answer the question, "What will I do differently as a result of the lesson I've learned?"; tools and resources to help them implement what they've learned; and suggestions for related readings that enhance the lesson and offer additional insights and resources.

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