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Innovation Daily

Each day, Innovation Daily checks the pulse of global innovation--courtesy of Innovation America. Below, we take a look at a handful of relevant stories compiled from the last week.

Is Silicon Valley Investing in the Wrong Stuff?
Wall Street Journal
Social networks that allow you to send only the message "Yo" to your contacts. Food-delivery services valued at $400 million. Startups that deliver rolls of quarters to your home (just $27 for $20 in change!). It isn't hard, looking at a lineup like this, to conclude that Silicon Valley has jumped the shark. 

Google's Venture Capital Arm Adds $100 Million European Fund
Google Inc. (GOOG)’s venture capital unit, the business responsible for investing in Nest Labs and Uber Technologies Inc., has added a European branch with a $100 million initial investment. The new fund will be based in London, Google Ventures said on its website.

Can Entrepreneurship Really Be Taught in the Classroom?
Startup Smart
Where does "entrepreneurship" belong on a university campus? Some naturally say in the classroom, within the business school. Or the computer science school. Or the engineering faculty. Or the arts/media programs. In an internship program or the entrepreneurship degree, if there is one. The fact is there are clear benefits to "teaching" entrepreneurship in a classroom setting. 

Global Investors Can Teach U.S. About Building Startups and Raising Capital
WSJ.com: Venture Capital Dispatch
I run Romulus Capital, a seed-stage venture firm I founded a few years ago while at MIT. Our firm is really a product of the millennial generation, and like many millennials, is global in its DNA. So when we raised $50 million for our second fund, it was natural that half of it came from investors across ten countries. In the process, we learned much about what it takes to build partnerships with international businessmen and what they think about U.S. technology startups.

Healthcare's Digital Future
Many institutions in the private and public sector have already moved to the third wave of IT adoption—full digitization of their entire enterprise, including digital products, channels, and processes, as well as advanced analytics that enable entirely new operating models. No longer limited to helping organizations do a certain task better or more efficiently, digital technology has the potential to affect every aspect of business and private life, enabling smarter choices, allowing people to spend more time on tasks they deem valuable, and often fundamentally transforming the way value is created.

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