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Innovation Daily

Each day, Innovation Daily checks the pulse of global innovation--courtesy of Innovation America. Below, we take a look at a handful of relevant stories compiled from the last week.

What Happens to Companies That Raise Seed Funding?
Endeavor Insights

Seed funding is an important first step for many entrepreneurs. However, few of these founders realize how much farther they will have to go.

The U.S. Neglects Its Best Science Students
Scientific American

The U.S. education policy world—the entire country, for that matter—is on a quest to increase the ranks of future innovators in science and technology. Yet the programs that get funded in K–12 education do not support students who are already good at and in love with science. These students have potential for outstanding contributions, but without public investment they will not be prepared for the rigors of a scientific career. 

What Does the Next Generation of Women Entrepreneurs Look Like?
Fast Company

Who are the women in the entrepreneurial community, flying under the radar? she wondered. Who are the role models women are learning from? To answer these questions, Aubert interviewed 100 women entrepreneurs, learning what motivates them, how they define success, the biggest obstacles and challenges they’ve faced, and how they achieve balance.

 Crowdfunding vs. VC Seed Rounds: Which Makes Sense?
BetaBoston (a Boston Globe site)

The rise of crowdfunding in the last three to five years as a source of capital has been remarkable. Tech startups and potential investors have had greater access to one another than ever before, and beyond the startup world, a broad array of projects have been able to successfully seek capital via crowdfunding. But contrary to some speculation about the two overlapping in their uses, crowdfunding and VC seed funding can each be raised for distinctly different situations.

 Silicon Valley Remains the World’s Leading Economic Hotspot
Centre for International Competitiveness

One of the largest international surveys of the competitiveness of regions and cities finds that Silicon Valley in California remains the world’s leading economic hotspot. According to the Global Competitiveness of Regions study, which analyses more than 500 regions and cities, Brussels is the most competitive European region, ranked 2nd overall, with Tokyo taking the honors in Asia, and ranked 3rd overall. Also ranked in the top five are Washington DC (4th) and the Korean industrial powerhouse region of Ulsan.

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