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Innovation Daily

Each day, Innovation Daily checks the pulse of global innovation--courtesy of Innovation America. Below, we take a look at a handful of relevant stories compiled from the last week.

Innovation Hub: Is America Becoming the Next Japan?
For much of its history, the U.S. has been a place of innovation, where new ideas and products could flourish. But that era may be coming to an abrupt end, warns Clayton Christensen, who coined the term “disruptive innovation” and teaches at Harvard Business School.

The Internet of Things Will Need Millions of Developers by 2020
It's standard to size a market by the number of widgets sold, but in the Internet of Things, which numbers sensors and devices in the billions, widget counts don't really matter. More to the point, it's because the size of the IoT market fundamentally depends on the number of developers creating value in it. 

Economic Gardening Is Growing, But What Is It?
Instead of trying to lure big companies with tax incentives, more and more places are trying to increase the number of local businesses to boost their economies.

Where Older Entrepreneurs Can Find Help
Wall Street Journal
Faced with cracked nest eggs and a lackluster job market, older Americans are becoming entrepreneurs. If you're a baby boomer with a business plan, you should know about a growing number of free and low-cost resources, some specifically geared for your generation.

Angel Investing Networks Injected $89 Million into Canadian Startups in 2013
Morning Post Exchange
The National Angel Capital Organization (“NACO”) releases data on Angel investing that shows $89 million was invested in 199 deals by 29 Canadian Angel groups last year alone. This data was captured in NACO’s 2013 Report on Angel Investing Activity in Canada.

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