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Each day, Innovation Daily checks the pulse of global innovation--courtesy of Innovation America. Below, we take a look at a handful of relevant stories compiled from the last week.

Universities Are Missing Out On An Explosive Growth Sector: Their Own
Harvard Business Review
Education is on the brink of rapid change that will create a lot of value for innovators. But still sitting on the sidelines? Those who make the decisions and control the purse strings at legacy higher education institutions. One representative example: April’s Education Innovation Summit, where more than 2,000 people energetically discussed how technology and markets are charting the future of education globally. The summit’s organizers claimed that 80 universities were in attendance, but a closer look at the attendee list revealed only a handful of high-level decision makers — and exactly one university endowment. Meanwhile, the halls were filled with hundreds of investors and hundreds more entrepreneurs.

Crowdfunding Growing at a Startling Rate
Just a couple of years ago, providing answers to some of the most common questions on crowdfunding was based evenly between limited anecdotal evidence and my gut feelings as an attorney with keen business instincts. But as with any fledgling industry moving towards maturity, more and more data has started to appear that makes answering these questions a bit easier. 

Study Seeks to Pinpoint Federally-Funded Research, Development Programs That Generate Significant Economic Impact
A new report, "Patents as Proxies: NIH Hubs of Innovation," confirms an increased economic value of NIH patents as compared to private sector patents, as well as meaningful differences in the rate and quality of invention across different research and development (R&D) investments.

Bipartisan Bill Would Help Biotechs Fund Research
A potential legislative solution to bring in the new capital necessary to fund research at growing companies, the Start-up Jobs and Innovation Act, was introduced at the end of last year by Sens. Robert Menendez (D., N.J.) and Pat Toomey (R., Pa.). This bill would create partnership incentives for private investors to fund research and growth at innovative biotech firms and other R&D-intensive small companies. 

MBA Entrepreneurs Ditch Venture Capitalists and Bank on Crowdfunding
Business Because
Beware the venture capitalist. MBA entrepreneurs are turning to crowdfunding platforms to bank start-up capital and retain more equity. Start-up advisers say it offers more reward for your risk.

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