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Innovation Daily

Each day, Innovation Daily checks the pulse of global innovation--courtesy of Innovation America. Below, we take a look at a handful of relevant stories compiled from the last week.

Entrepreneurship Always Leads to Inequality

Harvard Business Review

Wealth inequality is on everyone’s minds these days: citizens, political leaders, economists, policymakers and yes, business leaders. Unfortunately, simpleminded thinking and insensitivity are often clouding the conversation — successful entrepreneurship always exacerbates local inequality, at least in the short run.

Dell: Entrepreneurship Is the Engine of Innovation

Austin American-Statesman

Michael Dell and a handful of other technology CEOs talked entrepreneurship in a panel during South By Southwest Interactive’s opening day Friday. It’s a topic that Dell has touched on repeatedly — branding his Round Rock-based company as a champion of startups and innovation — as Dell Inc. transitions from building computers to providing technology services to business.

For Some, Age Is No Obstacle to Entrepreneurship

New York Times

When Marvin Gay, 71, a retired accountant, and his wife, Leslie, 61, decided to open a Painting With a Twist franchise in St. Petersburg, Fla., their start-up costs were close to $70,000.

First Time’s a Charm: How Founders Follow Up Successful Startups


The night that Martin Stiksel and Felix Miller got rich, they couldn't even find a cold beer to celebrate with. The two founders had been holed up at a law office in London for hours finalizing a deal that would result in their startup, Last.fm, getting acquired by CBS for $280 million. 

Are We In An Accelerator Bubble? 

One Million by One Million

Are we or are we not, and what is the prognosis for the trend? It is, for sure, a trend.

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