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Innovation Daily

Each day, Innovation Daily checks the pulse of global innovation--courtesy of Innovation America. Below, we take a look at a handful of relevant stories compiled from the last week.

Why Silicon Valley’s Success Is So Hard to Replicate
Scientific American
After decades of bafflement and frustration, the world is still struggling to guess the secret of Silicon Valley’s success. Sure, the towns and cities at the San Francisco Bay’s southern end have plenty of high-tech talent, but that’s scarcely an explanation: those ambitious young engineers and innovators could find work just about anywhere they choose.

Creative Economy Worth $3.6B
Grand Rapids Business Journal
Grand Rapids has always had a creative bent, from furniture making to brewing. Creativity, however, isn’t always seen in the same category as making money. But a recent survey by ArtServe Michigan shows the creative sector brings in billions of dollars to the Michigan economy. 

Can Entrepreneurship Be Taught? Lean Startup Guru Steve Blank Responds
Startup Smart
The man who made the lean start-up approach a movement, Steve Blank, says asking if entrepreneurship can be taught is the wrong question, the question that matters is who can it be taught to.

Cross-Border Innovation Groups Establish Manufacturing Accelerator
Efforts to strengthen San Diego’s tech startup community by working more closely with the innovation ecosystem in Tijuana has led to the formation of HardTech Labs, a cross-border accelerator program intended to give startup founders access to low-cost manufacturing.

Here Are the Top Regions for Venture, Angel and Incubator Investments
MedCity News
According to financial services firm Ernst&Young, global venture capital investment in 2013 increased 2 percent compared to 2012, to $48.5 billion. Meanwhile, economic conditions improved in many geographic markets due to increased levels of liquidity and a boost in investor confidence. The upshot: More investors are competing to invest in promising startups and entrepreneurs, especially outside the U.S.

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