This Week in Entrepreneurship Policy: Committees Getting Organized

US Capitol Rotunda

Last week marked the official beginning of the 114th Congress. This week, a number of committees hold organizational meetings to determine subcommittee structure and assignments as well as adopt rules that dictate the formal procedures the committee follows. Once those are determined, committees will begin holding hearings on a regular basis. One hearing slated to take place on the House side this week is in the Ways and Means Committee, now led by Congressman Paul Ryan (R-WI) who moves over from his role as chair of the House Budget Committee in the 113th Congress. The hearing "will be focused on the state of the U.S. economy and policies that can promote job creation and economic growth."



Moving America Forward: With a Focus on Economic Growth
House Committee on Ways and Means
HVC 210 (U.S. Capitol Visitor Center)
Tuesday, January 13
10:00 am


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mark marich

Mark Marich

Mark Marich is the executive vice president of Global Entrepreneurship Week. Since 1998, Marich has provided communications leadership on several national initiatives and more than 100 public forums covering a wide range of policy issues, including: entrepreneurial growth & economic development; health care; renewable energy; telecommunications; regulatory reform; and, workforce development.