Dept. of Labor Announces $100 Million TechHire Competition

nov trainingWhile everyone looks to Silicon Valley and its tech startups for the next unicorn to generate huge amounts of wealth, there is considerable competition for talent with the right skills. With the immigration debate stuck in neutral, there are hundreds of thousands of tech jobs throughout the U.S. that are currently unfilled in rapidly growing sectors. 

Recently, the U.S. Department of Labor’s Employment and Training Administration announced a $100 Million TechHire grant competition designed to provide individuals with the skills they need and connect them to those high-growth jobs across a diversity of H-1B industries. 

Grants will be awarded to approximately 30-40 competition winners to pilot and scale innovative partnerships to: 

  • Expand access to accelerated learning options that provide a quick path to good jobs, such as “bootcamp” style programs, online options and competency-based programs.
  • Use data and innovative hiring practices to expand openness to non-traditional hiring by working with employers to build robust data on where they have the greatest needs, identify what skills they are looking for, and build willingness to hire from both nontraditional and traditional training programs.
  • Offer specialized training strategies, supportive services, and other participant-focused services that assist targeted populations to overcome barriers, including networking and job search, active job development, transportation, mentoring, and financial counseling.
  • Connect people to jobs with hiring on-ramp programs with steps ranging from investing in and working with industry-trusted organizations, which will vouch for those who have the skills to do the job, but who may lack the typical profile of degrees and career experience.

Photo Credit: Flickr

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