Educator-in-Residence, Chief Student Officer, Real World Learning

The Chief Student Officer (CSO) provides vision and leadership for all student services and support functions within a student-centered learning environment.

Working within delegated authority from the Education Entrepreneur-in-Residence (EEIR), the CSO provides strategic vision and leadership in the planning, development, administration, implementation, and evaluation of processes, tools and support systems that foster positive student development and support, student advocacy, and student learning. The position serves as a member of the EEIR’s Senior Leadership Team providing guidance and direction on college-wide issues.

Some responsibilities include:

  • Continually assess student needs and interests, as well as remain abreast of model practices in the field of student affairs as it relates to student development theories/models in planning and developing programs and services that foster student learning and success.
  • Lead and support best practices for effective student conflict resolution with students, understanding student mental health issues, and convening resources from multiple departments and constituencies addressing complex student issues.
  • Supervise and manage staff overseeing critical student support functions including recruitment, intake and career coaching, financial aid, assessment, concurrent enrollment, registration, records, Student Support Center, and disability services.

For a complete description of this position, and instructions on how to apply, please read this document [PDF].