Vice President of Entrepreneurship

The Vice President of Entrepreneurship is the leader for the Kauffman Foundation’s work in entrepreneurship, which is one of the core areas of the organization’s mission.

As such, the Vice President is responsible for leading a team of ~30 associates in the development and implementation of entrepreneurship strategies and programs to meet Foundation goals. The Vice President of Entrepreneurship leads the Foundation’s entire entrepreneurship portfolio – including grantmaking, operating programs, convening, research, and policy. S/he will report to the President and CEO and be a member of the Foundation’s senior leadership team. The Vice President of Entrepreneurship works in close partnership with the Senior Director of Entrepreneurship – the Senior Director oversees the day-to-day implementation and execution of the strategy, and provides guidance and oversight to the team – and reports directly to the VP of Entrepreneurship.

The Foundation is seeking a Vice President to lead our entrepreneurship strategy and to use data, trends, and emerging innovations to scale, refine, and evolve the strategy over time. The Vice President of Entrepreneurship is charged with leading the team to achieve the impact called for by the Foundation’s entrepreneurship strategy. The Foundation is not seeking a new entrepreneurship strategy – rather a leader with the vision, strategic thinking, and thought leadership to scale and deepen the impact of the Foundation’s current entrepreneurship strategy.

For specific responsibilities and a complete description of the position, please read this document [PDF].

Interested applicants can apply for this position by submitting a cover letter and resume to Koya Leadership Partners, LLC.