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Program brings new leaders into local education
Matthew Long
Senior Video Producer, Public Affairs Kauffman Foundation

Program brings new leaders into local education

This past summer, Kansas City's education community got an injection of unusual talent in areas such as data analysis, operations and finance. Through a grant from the Kauffman Foundation, the Education Pioneers program placed nine fellows in district schools, charter schools, and education organizations.

As well as providing much-needed help to organizations over a few months, the Education Pioneer experience prepares new talent to enter into the education sector as managers and leaders. The program provides an entry point to the urban education sector for graduate students, early/mid-career professionals, and senior career transition-seekers that wish to apply their unique skill set. 70 percent of Education Pioneer alumni stay employed in education, bringing backgrounds in data analysis, operations, finance, human resources, and organizational strategy. Education Pioneers will strengthen the capacity of Kansas City metro area schools and educational organizations so school leaders and teachers can focus on the classroom.

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