Kansas City Leadership Cohort

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Great schools have talented leaders who ensure that all kids receive a quality education. The Kansas City Leadership Cohort was created in 2016 to support the next generation of leaders and increase collaboration across the city.

The Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation facilitates the Kansas City Leadership Cohort in coordination with Relay Graduate School of Education to help leaders elevate their skills so that students reach their maximum potential. Selected school leaders participate in a yearlong instructional leadership program through the National Principal Academy Fellowship and receives ongoing professional development in Kansas City.

The Kauffman Foundation partners with Relay Graduate School of Education (Relay GSE) to send 10 principals and principal managers to the National Principal Academy Fellowship (NPAF) and to develop a school leadership cohort that collaborates across sectors in Kansas City.

Relay GSE’s school leadership program aims to transform schools with a best-in-class, job-embedded and practice-based instructional leadership program that empowers school leaders and principal managers. Strong and effective school leadership creates the foundation and pathway to better support and drive teacher success, and, ultimately, student growth and achievement.

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Previous Cohorts

The 2019-2020 Kansas City Leadership Cohort

After a rigorous selection process, nine local school leaders from eight different charter schools and districts were selected for the Kansas City Leadership Cohort. Over the course of 2019-2020, the fourth cohort of educators selected for this program will build their experience, knowledge, and skills to elevate learning for children.

The newest Kansas City Leadership Cohort welcomes:

  • Betsy Brogan, KIPP KC.
  • Josh Swartzlander, KIPP KC.
  • Joyce Wong, Ewing Marion Kauffman School.
  • Kelsey McCauely, Hogan Prep.
  • Kirsten Brown, Crossroads.
  • Matthew Kennedy, Turner.
  • Rachelle Hamrick, Center.
  • Destiny Flournoy, KC GPA.
  • Mark Barber, Frontier School of Innovation.

The 2018-2019 Kansas City Leadership Cohort

  • Doug Smith, Citizens of the World.
  • Ellen Frierson, Ewing Marion Kauffman School.
  • Jenny Mathson, KIPP KC.
  • Lis Randall, Ewing Marion Kauffman School.
  • Sabrina Tillman-Winfrey, Hickman Mills.
  • Shelly Sanders, North Kansas City.
  • Tara Hudson, Turner.
  • Tom Krebs, Kansas City Girls Preparatory Academy.
  • Travis Helm, Kansas City, Kansas.
  • Venita Thurman, Hickman Mills.

The 2017-2018 Kansas City Leadership Cohort

  • Rejéanne Alomenu, Garcia Elementary.
  • Justin Alt, KIPP KC.
  • Micah Fritz, Red Bridge Elementary.
  • Stacy Graff, University Academy.
  • Tina Hinds-Booth, Genesis Promise Academy.
  • Amanda McRae, KIPP KC.
  • Deon Myer, Ewing Marion Kauffman School.
  • Keith Schoen, Alta Vista High School.
  • Bryan Shaw, Northeast Middle School.
  • Alecia Tumpap, Ewing Marion Kauffman School.
  • Jermaine Wilson, King Elementary.

The inaugural 2016-2017 Kansas City Leadership Cohort

  • Heather Royce, Academie Lafayette.
  • Devon Teran, Alta Vista High School.
  • Megan Thompson, Center.
  • Stacy Heard King, Center.
  • Georgina Leslie, Ewing Marion Kauffman School.
  • Nick Burgmeier, Ewing Marion Kauffman School.
  • Kevin Foster, Genesis.
  • Jessica Bassett, Kansas City Public Schools.
  • Jo Nemeth, Kansas City Public Schools.
  • John Williams, Kansas City Public Schools.
  • Peter Retsos, Kansas City Public Schools.
  • Kelly Montgomery, KIPP KC.

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