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Still Waiting: Green Card Problems Persist for High Skill Immigrants

Calling an increase in wait times for high-skilled foreign nationals to get green cards to stay in the United States a threat that could “deprive the country of talented individuals who will choose to develop innovations, make their careers and raise their families in other nations,” the National Foundation for American Policy released this report, which says wait times are likely to increase in employment-based immigration categories.

In “Still Waiting: Green Card Problems Persist for High Skill Immigrants,” the NFAP conducted research funded by the Kauffman Foundation that shows wait times may be developing for prospective immigrants in the employment-based first preference (EB-1) category (outstanding researchers and professors, aliens of extraordinary ability), which previously had no backlog. The report also reveals that skilled foreign nationals from countries other than China and India in the employment-based second preference (EB-2) – persons of “exceptional ability” and “advanced degree” holders – will soon experience backlogs. The report calls for reforms to immigration law and highlights current bills, such as the Startup Act, that would help to eliminate the backlog.